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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Book Review: The Secret Seven – Shock for the Secret Seven

Can you trail along a wild goose chase through a small town? Secret Seven, the main group in The Secret Seven – Shock for the Secret Seven, goes through a wild goose chase to find the reason for the mysterious disappearances of pedigreed dogs in their town. The group finds startling discoveries in their investigation to the mystery. The Secret Seven – Shock for the Secret Seven is a detective story book which is part of a series of detective stories for children which is The Secret Seven. This is written by Enid Blyton who is one of the most successful children's storytellers. In this book the author reveals how the actions of a group of children led to revealing many mysteries.
The first part of the story is centered on how the group becomes aware of the mystery. The story begins with Peter and Janet at home, deciding to hold a meeting for their club which Secret Seven. Peter is related to Janet as her brother. They usually hold the meeting in a shack outside their home but it is winter and snowing outside so they are reluctant to hold a meeting. Eventually, they decide to hold the meeting as they have not held one in a long time. Both of them decide on a password and go to tell rest of their members about the meeting and the password. They tell it to Jack but he is not sure of coming as his cousin, Bony, is coming to his house and he has to accompany him. On the day of the meeting, everyone shows up late and forgets the password. Jack is the last person to come. After Jack has come, Susie, Jack’s sister, comes into the club using the password. Peter is furious at jack and scolds his sister and him. Jack gets angry at Peter and quits the club. All the members are surprised of what has happened. After the meeting, Peter and Janet is at home when Matt the Shepherd, Peter's father's colleague, who works on Peter’s father’s farm, comes to meet their father. He has come to tell that his dog is stolen. The whole family was surprised by it. Peter’s father calls the police to report this incident. After he has called, he finds out that there are similar cases like this reported to the police station before them. After that, the whole family comes to realize that there is a dog thief who is targeting pedigreed dog. The whole family becomes worried about Scamper, their dog, as it is likely to be stolen.
The next part of the story revolves around investigating the situation. Peter and Janet go with his father to the police station and there they finds out according to eyewitness report that the thief has a large body frame and large legs. After staying in the police station for some time, they go with their father, Matt and a policeman to their father’s farm. There they investigate the area. The next day, Peter and Janet hold another meeting and discuss about the mystery and the evidence that they have about it. They want to solve this mystery on their own. Also, Janet discusses about the unusual behavior of dogs that make them attracted to some people. The group comes up with various theories of how the dogs could be stolen. Just before the meeting ends, Janet lets Scamper go out. After the meeting ended, Janet calls Scamper but it does not return. Then, Peter and Janet scream its name and searches everywhere but they could not find it. Then, they come to realize that Scamper has been stolen by the dog thief. They tell this to their father with the names of people who went along the road when the meeting was in progress. After that, Peter, Janet and their father go to the police station to report the incident. They go with a policeman to question the people who passed through during the meeting but they could not suspect any of them of stealing their dog. In this part of the story, the writer uses a tone that gives a great sense of mystery. The writer has not mentioned any clear evidence to suspect anyone of stealing the dogs.
The last part of the story is about solving the mystery. Peter and Janet hold a meeting for the club and tell the other member of what happened to Scamper. They are all sad about it. They decide to follow every man in the town that matches the description of the dog thief. Jack gets to know of what the club is going to do from Colin, A boy at Peter's school and a member of the club. Jack decides to do what the club is doing but on his own. The next day, everyone in the club is in the town trailing anyone who matches the description. Colin almost got into trouble while trailing a man. The man suspected that Colin is the dog thief and tried to call the police. While Jack is doing his own investigation, he sees the local postman. Also, he sees that every house that the postman goes, the dogs become attracted to him. For Jack’s curiosity, he decided to follow him. Jack follows the postman to the postman’s house without making the postman realize that he is being followed. At postman’s house, Jack realizes that something is strange and decided to come investigate the house next day when the postman is not there. The next day, Jack returns to the place to investigate it. While he is investigating, he comes across a startling discovery that makes him believe that the postman is the thief. Then, he runs to Peter’s house and informs this. Peter’s father and Jack go with the police to the postman’s place and catches the postman red handed of steeling the dogs. After that, they come home with Scamper and Matt’s dog, Colie. Peter and Janet are very happy. Peter invites jack back to their club which Jack accepts. Also, Peter’s father let Colie out so that it could go back to Matt. This is the part of the story that writer makes the story reach its climax. There was some action involved in this part of the story.
My opinion of this book is as follows. The Secret Seven – Shock for the Secret Seven is written for an audience of teens and children. The genre of this book is detective and mystery. The story is written in a style which suits for the young people but gives a sense of mystery and up close into the investigation of the mystery. It is easy pictured the events and mystery while reading it. The characters that have an impact on this story are Peter, Janet and Jack. Peter and Janet can be credited for leading the club and Jack can be credited of solving the mystery. I think this is well written as it gives as sense of mystery and puzzles, even though, it was written for a young audience.
To sum up, The Secret Seven – Shock for the Secret Seven written by Enid Blyton is a great story that revolves around a mystery of dog theft. This was written for a young audience but adults could enjoy reading this. I would recommend this book for teens and adults to read in their leisure time.

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